My Top 5 Fall Fashion Essentials


Fall is officially here, and even though it doesn’t get too cold in Dallas, I am beyond excited!

For this post, I decided to round up my top 5 fall fashion must haves! I hope you enjoy!




I love my Patagonia pullover because it keeps me warm on chilly fall nights and it adds so much to a plain shirt. I have a pink and gray pullover and a white fleece zip up, and trust me, these jackets are a must have in anyone’s closet.




I recently received this Vineyard Vines vest and I’m in love! It’s so warm, comfy, and goes with everything. I can not wait to style it with some more flannels, sweater, and crew tees.



Chokers have made a huge splash in my school recently and I have to admit, I’ve jumped on that choker train. I love this pink one that I made, because it adds some extra color to any outfit and they make a simple sweater 10x cuter.



I love warm sweaters for this season more than anything, so sweaters are the biggest must for me.




Flannels are the biggest fall wardrobe statement in anyone’s closet, I think, because when I think of fall, I think of flannels!


I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you have Sunday!

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