Homecoming 2016 

Hello friends and welcome to another post here on The Prep By D!

I just had my very first homecoming as a freshman in high school! In this post, I’m going to share with y’all my experience as well as my outfit and that stuff!



So, I got asked to homecoming by a boy in one of my classes at school!

In Texas, the tradition is if you get asked you exchange mums and garders. Since I’m a girl, I wear a mum! The mum I got had my schools colors and my schools mascot!

Also, on Friday, we had our homecoming game at our high school stadium, which is a really big game, so that Friday at school you wear your mum!


Then Saturday came, it was the day of homecoming! For homecoming, I went with my friends and my date to dinner then to the dance! Here are some pics.



Off the Shoulder Dress | Earrings Nude Heels (similar)

Benefit Roller Lash Anastasia Clear Brow Gel | Tarte Palette


I hope you enjoyed this post!

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