My Monthly Faves || August

Hello friends and welcome to The Prep by D!

Before I begin, I want to give y’all an update on where I’ve been and what’s been going on. So, I uploaded a post on Friday, which was a collab (check it out here), but I had to keep y’all updated with my August obsessions, so I posted this at the last minute! I started high school on Monday the 22nd, and I survived, but I know I will be pretty busy with school, so expect posts on the weekends only.

Today, I have my five obsessions that helped me get through the month of August, I hope you enjoy!



For school, I had a Lilly Pulitzer agenda last year, but decided to make a change from that agenda to my Sugar Paper agenda from Target, which I love! It has so many cute features that the Lilly one doesn’t have and it’s just an overall great way to jot down homework and announcements.

Sugar Paper Agenda



I must say, I am a trend follower of the new beaded chokers that made their headline on outfits everywhere. I made two different beaded chokers, and if y’all want me to do a DIY on how to create your own beaded chokers, let me know! They add pops of color and a chic vibe to a plain tee.

Beaded Choker



I loved having that effortless beachy waves  when I was in Mexico, but coming back to Dallas, those waves soon disappeared, so I use this texturing hair cream to give me some extra texture to my straight hair. I apply an even amount of the cream to my hair when I get out of the shower and sleep on it, and when I wake up I have beachy waves.

Hair Cream



I recently purchased my second pair of Birks, and I’m in love. That’s all I can say. I love the style and the cream color, because it goes with literally everything. I am a huge fan of cute shoes with a comfy feel, and these shoes are just that.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



You might be thinking, Daniela, why is a simple dry shampoo a favorite, but I am here to prove to you the life saving wonders a simple dry shampoo can deliver. Let me start by saying, this dry shampoo, in particular, is the best dry shampoo ever. I mean ever. It helps me deal with second day hair which is a must! I absolutely recommend this dry shampoo to everyone willing to make a life changing decision.

Dry Shampoo


And that’s it for my August faves! I hope y’all enjoyed and if y’all want to see a DIY on how to make a beaded choker, let me know and I’d love to do it.

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