Week In My Life | Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Hello friends!

This past week, my family and I traveled all the way to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! I had the absolute best time enjoying all that Playa had to offer from their beaches to their yummy food! I wanted to tag y’all along with me on my summer adventure, so in this post, you will see what I did starting from Monday (the day I arrived) to Saturday (the day we headed home)!




My family and I woke up at eight am to head to the airport, which took about 1 hour! The flight was only 3 hours, so we got there around 4:30! The time change stayed the same so I didn’t have to deal with some funky jet lag. That night, we went to dinner at a super delicious buffet in the hotel. Our first day was super relaxing.



Tuesday was the ultimate pool day! We relaxed by the pool which happened to be right by the beach so we would switch spots every so often. It was a complete and total relaxation day to enjoy the gorgeous view we don’t have back in Dallas!



I KISSED A DOLPHIN!! We went to a place where we got to interact with dolphins, manatees, and snorkel at a nearby island! We started the day, bright and early, with the Dolphins; we got to touch them and interact with them!

One activity was where we swam a ways away the instructor in the big “pool” where the Dolphins were, we put our right hand out and when the dolphin went on his back, we grabbed on to his fin, and the dolphin cruised us back to the instructor! It was so fun!! The other activity was were we would paddle out (the same ways away as the first activity) on a boogie board. We straightened our legs, flexed our feet, and waited for the two Dolphins to place their noses against our feet and they cruised you back to the instructor! This activity was, by far, my fav!

We also got to feed and touch a manatee; it wasn’t as fun as the Dolphins, but I would have never thought I’d ever be in a pool with a manatee!

We grabbed our snorkel gear and headed to a small island near the dolphin/manatee facility. The water was so blue which made finding the small fish next to the coral fun and clear.



On Thursday, my family & I went to Cirque Du Soleil Joya in Playa Del Carmen! The show was absolutely amazing; the acts and the whole concept of the performance were so fun & very impressive! I recommend attending any Cirque Du Soleil if you can, because you will not be disappointed!



 Being the last day in Playa, the whole gang went to spend a day in downtown Playa Del Carmen! It was so fun to see how different the stores, architecture, and culture was from Dallas! I ended up getting a new pair of Birks, which are so comfy, and so did my sis and dad! It was a great last day.



Bright and early on Saturday morning, it was time to say goodbye to paradise! We had breakfast to make sure we were energized to start our day of flying and traveling and we soon had so say a “see you soon” to my grandparents. Our flight was at 4:15, but got delayed two times, so we ended up zooming into the air at sound 6:15! As soon as we landed at 8:45, we headed home. I was so ready to be in my own bed, my own room, and to have the comfort of my own home.


I am so happy that I got to go to such a beautiful place (thanks mom & dad!!). I hope you enjoyed my vacation through pictures!

Stay Bright,


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