Three Easy Back To School Hairstyles

Hello friends!

For school, leaving my hair down is my “usual”, but it’s always great to go out of your comfort zone when it comes to hairstyles. I’ve picked three unbelievably easy hairstyles that can be done in the nick of time to jazz up an outfit for school!



The Half Up Half Down

I did this hairstyle 24/7 in 7th Grade because you could build more from this style and it’s so easy!! 


To start off, I start by grabbing hair from starting at my tail of my eyebrow and going up to my head of hair, creating a little pony tail. At this part you can decide how you want to brush; you can either brush straight back from your forehead or start at your part and brush over to the side. I usually brush over my hair from my side part and then secure it with a hair tie.

I’ve also braided a strip of hair at my part and added it to the half up half down for some extra pizzazz, but you can leave the half up half down alone. And that’s it, it’s super easy but it adds so much to an outfit whether you want to dress it up or down.



 The Pull Through Braid

As it sounds in the name, this hairstyle is a braid where you pull through the hair; it may sound difficult, but trust me, it’s just as easy as the first hairstyle.

​​I kept my hair in the half up half down, so I’m going to be working with the little pony tail of hair left over from hairstyle one.

To begin, separate the pony tail into two sections, being one on top of the other. Take a hair tie/ clear hair elastic and tie off a 2 inch section (from the hair tie) on the section of hair on top. Create a hole and pull the hair from the bottom, through the hole. Then repeat the steps as done previously; tie off a section 2 inches away from the hair tie, make a hole, and pull through the hair.

I love this hairstyle because it’s super easy, but it’s an updated version of a simple braid.



The Bun Half Up

This hairstyle is so chic and can be really laid back or a staple to an outfit! All it is, is a bun from a small half up half down, which is Hairstyle One.

To begin, create a half up ponytail (hairstyle one), but make sure you create a high pony to make the bun. Taking the pony tail part of the half up, twist the hair and start to create a bun by twisting the hair around the hair tie, then securing it with a bobby pin or hair tie.

You can pull out hair to make a more laid back bun, or keep it sleek by adding hairspray or even gel.


I hope you enjoyed these three super easy hairstyles for school and videos!! 


Stay Bright,


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