2 Easy and Quick School Snack Ideas

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I get so hungry at school and after school, so I thought of easy, quick, and healthy snack ideas that will eliminate the squeal of your tummies!



This easy fruit kabob snack idea can combine all of your favorite fruits or even veggies to make a fun party in your mouth! What I love about this snack is A) It’s healthy and B) you can pick anything you like to screw it on the skewer.

btss fruit plate

btss finished skewers

What I did first is cut up my desired fruits; strawberries, bananas and oranges to the size I wanted (make sure you cut them big enough so that they slide on the skewer with out falling apart). I then found a medium size skewer and stuck all of the fruit on the stick. It’s that simple! You can do this in a matter of five minutes, it tastes delicious, and it’s super easy to throw in a lunch bag to nibble on at school, but remember to keep it refrigerated.



This snack takes a bit longer to make, but I think it might be a tad more delicious! For this snack, all you need is your favorite Greek yogurt and favorite fruits; so again, it’s super healthy!

To begin, take a baking mold (the size creates that much bark) and place a sheet of parchment paper to the bottom or spray non-stick cooking spray to the bottom and sides. Spread in your yogurt *(I actually put the yogurt in a plastic sandwich bag, cut one of the tips off, and squeezed the yogurt out, then I spread it out with a spatula, but you could whatever you’re comfortable doing)* and add your desired fruits, then stick the baking mold in the freezer for a couple of hours or until it has completely hardened (overnight). Cut it up and you have some delicious yogurt and fruit bark/ bars!

btss cut up strawberries

btss finished bars

Remember to keep it in the freezer (not in the fridge because it will to let the bark keep it’s shape and stay cold) and when putting this snack into a lunch bag, make sure to have an ice pack of some sort to keep it cool.


I hope you enjoyed these two easy and healthy snacks that are great to keep you stomach satisfied at school or after school.


Stay Bright,


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