Five Back To School Life Hacks

Welcome to my very first official blog post on The Prep By D! I am so excited for what’s in store for this blog!

Back to School is upon us, whether you have already have gone back to school or have yet to enter, so I decided to make a post that (I hope) will help school be 10 times easier. Let’s begin my friends.



The first life hack is the ol’ shirt in the shower trick; but it honestly works! I do this all the time to eliminate all of the wrinkles from any shirt in a super short amount of time. So, all you do is, place the shirt or item on a hanger and hang it up in your shower (make sure the clothing item is away from getting splashed with water) and turn the shower knob to the hot side, close the door, and wait about 10 minutes and wa-la you’re shirt is wrinkle free in a matter of ten minutes! The hot steam from the hot water will work as if you steamed your clothing or even ironed your clothing item. You can also place your clothing item in your shower when you are showering if that works better for you.



I often loose track of what day it is throughout the school year, so you can download a monthly calendar to your phone as a lock screen or home screen if you face this struggle  Designs; they have such cute prints and designs for the month of August and it’s super easy to save the wallpaper and make it your lock/home screen.

May Designs Monthly Wallpapers



Last year in eighth grade English, I often had to write essays or present Power Points to the class about a certain topic, and my teacher was always looking for facts that she knew were true and credible in my presentations, so I’ve found a way you can find facts and info through Google;! This website only sticks to information that is meant for school. It will help getting facts about a topic in school much easier.



I was never the “study a week in advance” type of person in Middle School, so I always needed ways to shorten the time of studying and reviewing info, but still giving me the chance to grasp the concept. So one way to process new information when studying is (wait for it…) grapes! Grapes help improve your brains ability to process new info! So eat grapes the next time you’re studying for fast results.



Before school, it takes me about twenty minutes to fully get ready in the morning, with hair, outfit, and mascara done. But, if you tend to run late a lot, something great to try is to create a music playlist for how ever long it takes for you to get ready and when the playlist ends, it means you need to be ready for school. In the mornings, my sister and I tend to play (what we call) pump-up music; this wakes us up and brightens up our spirits before heading to the bus stop.


I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope y’all are excited for what’s coming in the future at The Prep By D!


Stay Bright,


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